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Nowhere to Call Home: Volume Two

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Nowhere to Call Home--Photographs and Stories of People Experiencing Homelessness, Volume Two features forty photographs and narratives of individuals experiencing homelessness across North America and Australia.

Print Length 108 pages - Language English - Friesen Press- Dimensions 8 x 0.44 x 10 inches - ISBN-101525526197- Publication date August 28, 2018

This book continues where my first book left off—with forty photographs and stories of people experiencing homelessness. It is a part of my ongoing mission, beginning with volume one, to change the general public’s perception of those experiencing homelessness. So often, as I stated in my first book, they are viewed as subhuman creatures or a lower order of being than humans. Through my photographs and stories, I am trying to humanize them, to help the general public see that, apart from the unfortunate circumstances in which these people find themselves, they are no different than you and I. I am heartened that, judging from the comments that my first book has received from people worldwide, my work seems to be having this effect.

All royalties from this book will be given to Home Horizon: Transitional Support Program.

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