1. The Reality of the Global Opportunity Gap: How Those in Third World Countries Struggle to Make Progress

    2023-04-14 14:21:36 UTC
    The opportunity gap is a pervasive issue affecting people worldwide, but its impact is especially severe in third-world countries. Those who live in these areas are forced to contend with a host of challenges that make it difficult for them to succeed or achieve their goals. This blog post will…

  2. Protect Your Photography Equipment: Three Tips for Outdoor Shoots

    2023-03-01 10:26:00 UTC
    As a portrait and fashion photographer with several years of experience working on the streets, I have captured various portraits in various weather conditions and locations. While outdoor photography can be an exciting experience, it also poses a risk to your expensive equipment. Protecting your gear and ensuring its safety…

  3. Navigating the Photography Industry as a Young POC Woman

    2023-02-23 13:23:54 UTC
    As a young person of colour (POC) and a woman in the photography industry, I have experienced my fair share of hardships. Despite the growing awareness and efforts towards diversity and inclusion, the photography industry remains predominantly white and male-dominated.  One of the most significant challenges I have faced is…

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